Our Process


How the magic happens

Our process has helped hundreds of startups launch around the world


1. Roadmap

To get where you want to go we need to know how to get there. During this phase we'll create a roadmap for your startup that outlines your competitive landscape & path to market.

One Week

📖 User Stories & Technical Requirements

🏆 Roadmap Document


2. Prototype

The fastest way to know what you want to build is by literally drawing it out. Our team works with you to create a set of wireframes while simultaneously writing app user stories that shows what your product should do.

Two Weeks

✍️ Whiteboard Drawings of App Workflow

🎨 Initial Branding for UI/UX Purposes


3. Build

Here's the fun part! Our team gets to work, leveraging Mission Control to build the foundational components of the application. You'll communicate directly with our team daily over Slack and have bi-weekly progress check-ins.

Two Week Cycles

📲 Transparent Project Management

📅 Bi-Weekly Progress Reviews


4. Iterate

Now that the foundation of the app is complete our team of humans will work with you to customize it to what makes your startup unique including design, branding, and any other feature development.

Two to Four Weeks

🤙 Finished Product


5. Launch

The app is done! Now it's time to show the public all your hard work. Our dev team will publish your application and ensure it's ready to scale, all while our marketing team gets involved to spread the word.

One Week

🚀 Product Launch

🔊 Press Release & Outreach


6. Grow

Launchpeer selects the growth tactics most relevant to your business, based on your industry, stage of growth, location, and more. Launchpeer filters through thousands of historical data points, other successful startup marketing strategies & then leverages our startup expertise to find & implement what will grow your business.

🔊 Press Outreach

🎉 Social Media Management

🤑 PPC Ads Management

✏️ Content Marketing


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