A note about our pricing

We get asked these questions a lot


"Why should I pay $95-125/hour when I can hire a freelancer or offshore agency for half the cost?"

With us 1 hour = 1 hour

Several of our clients have come to us from working with freelancers or agencies that charge $50-70/hour. That's great until they did the math. "We were paying $55/hour to our outsourced development agency" said Trey of Crowdreach, "but it takes them 3 hours to do something they said should take an hour, and if you factor in the poor communication and lack of testing it was much more." You do the math on what he actually paid per hour...

Access to our entire team

Startups are doing a million things at once. Marketing, development, investor meetings, pitches, etc. Sometimes you need more than just a single developer. Launchpeer opens the doors to our entire team for you to access whenever you need.

Direct, consistent communication

Our team is an open book. Managing our projects is less 'management' and more 'relationship'. Freelancers and outsourced development partners can cut ties and run anytime they want. Because you have full access to all our tools you'll know that never happens. Plus, you own everything we create, so you never have to worry about us keeping or controlling what you paid for.


"$95-125/hour sounds low compared to other agencies. How do you keep quality high at that cost?"

Less overhead

Because we allow you to have direct communication to our developers, designers and marketing team it lessens the need for bureaucratic overhead like 'account managers' or 'relationship managers'. We are also able to keep overhead low because we're laser focused on working with startups, which keeps marketing and sales costs down, which is passed on to you.

Startup focused means startup focused

Being startup focused means a lot to us. Sure, we could charge you $175-300/hour like other agencies do, but that would make it overly difficult for most startups to work with us. We also just don't need to charge that much; many agencies aren't focused on a single type of customer which means their sales pipeline isn't full, so they charge existing customers a lot to make up for 'down time'. 

Low cost of living

Charleston, South Carolina is our headquarters, and although we do have team members sprinkled throughout the United States, we're able to keep costs down because of the South's low cost of living and a remote team culture (that our team loves BTW).


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