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Idea Program

Take the risk out of starting your tech startup (Andrew would be proud of you)

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Ensure your idea & business model are validated and thoroughly planned by building a solid foundation

Our Idea Program de-risks your startup

  • Validate your idea with real people
  • Build a business model that'll work
  • Determine the best features for launch
  • Craft a compelling story & pitch

9 videos

Each video has exact breakdowns and action steps you can take now


Each video is short & easy to digest on your busy schedule


Our Idea Program is completely free to join and you can start today

So... who is the Idea Program for?

If you're wondering if our free Idea Program is right for you, let us help you make the right choice

You are...

  • Looking for help with design, development, marketing, or fundraising because you know you can't do it all alone.
  • Want the freedom that comes with knowing exactly what to be doing to get your startup off the ground.
  • Coachable and ready to work hard. Building a startup isn't easy but we'll make it as seamless as possible through our programs.

You're not...

  • Trying to become an expert in things that takes people years to get proficient in like design, development, or marketing.
  • Planning on taking months or years thinking about your idea instead of taking action to build it.
  • Think you know everything about building a startup and just want a 'service provider' to do exactly what you tell them to do.

The Curriculum

How we help you ensure your idea has what it takes to crush it
  • 12 minutes

    What makes a great idea

  • 14 minutes

    Defining your customer profile

  • 18 minutes

    Red versus blue oceans

  • 24 minutes

    Ensuring your idea is validated

  • 10 minutes

    Determining needed features

  • 16 minutes

    Defining user roles

  • 14 minutes

    Mapping your customer journey

  • 21 minutes

    The one page business plan

  • 8 minutes

    What to do next

"Our goal with the Idea Program is to de-risk your startup journey before it even begins."

Jake Hare
Idea Program Instructor, Founder of Launchpeer
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