Funding Program

We'll help you raise your first round of seed capital

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Learn how to get ready for funding as well as find, impress, negotiate with, and do outreach to investors

What you get with our Funding Program

  • Create technical specifications for your app
  • Build a brand that wows your ideal users
  • Craft an app design that shows it's value
  • Get an interactive prototype to impress investors & kickstart app development

8 weeks

With one-on-one assistance, online coursework, & group calls


Work with us and a small group of other entrepreneurs raising seed capital for their startup


If you don't raise at least $50K then we'll give your money back

Raising funding isn't as easy as it was 10 years ago...

Back then, anyone who was breathing with a pitch deck and a business plan could walk into an investor pitch and get funded. Today? The average investor gets pitched by 40+ startups every single week. Do you have what it takes to stand out?

Our customers raise an average of $100K+ within just 3-6 months

It's not rocket science, but our systemized process for helping our startups secure seed capital is centered around principles that have been proven to work in today's startup funding environment.
Get ready to raise seed funding

Our customers raise funding faster

3-6 mos.

How fast our customers raise funding, compared to 14+ months of the average startup


Average amount raised by our startups through our Funding Program


Percentage of startups who raise funding within 3-6 months, compared to 3% of the average startup


Active investors we provide access to for the startups in our Funding Program
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So... is the Funding Program the right fit for your startup?

You are...

  • Looking to raise your first round of capital
  • You're looking to raise funding of between $50K-$500K from angel or seed investors
  • Coachable and ready to work hard. Raising funding isn't easy, and will take work on your part to go along with our guidance and coaching

You're not...

  • Raising your second or more round of funding
  • Trying to raise more than you actually need to get your startup off the ground
  • Looking for someone to do everything for you and hold your hand while they do, instead of working hard and getting things done for your startup

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