How it Works

Been in business at least 1 year and have a business bank account? You're automatically approved.


Free to Apply & No Credit Check

There's no application fee. Just tell us what service you need and then we'll process your credit application. Takes 15 minute application and then you're approved within 1 business day


No Payments for 45 Days

Keep your hard earned money as long as possibe. We know running a business is hard so take 45 days with no payments or fees, on us.


Then Pay Over Time

After the first 45 days you'll make a small weekly payment over 12 to 52 weeks. Seriously, many customers get approved for a full year. 

No Pre-Payment Penalties

Because no one should be penalized for paying early. Whenever you're ready just log in and submit the rest of your payment. Easy.


Ready to learn more?

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