Frequently Asked Questions


Getting Started

How do I get started?

Click HERE to schedule a call with our team. On that call we'll learn more about you and your startup, then give you all the details on how we envision working to make your project successful.

Do you work with only brand new startups? What if I already have code written, or am post-launch?

That's fine! Our Process isn't one you must follow from start to finish. Once we talk on a quick Information Session we'll identify where you fit into our Process and then start our relationship from there instead of from scratch.

When does my project start?

Your Project Manager will schedule a Kickoff Meeting as soon as you sign on with us. New Projects typically start the Monday following your signing on to work with us.


How much will it cost to build my app?

If you're building a new app we recommend using our Calculator to get a ballpark estimate of your Project cost. To get a more accurate number schedule a call with us and we'll provide a number on the call. 

Do I have to pay for it upfront or can I pay over time?

We don't charge deposits! Instead we bill you every two weeks for work we did the previous two weeks. This ensures our team is always on top of their game to impress you, and also ensures you see real measurable progress when you get billed for work done.

Is there really a money-back guarantee?

Yes! If you're unsatisfied with any portion of our work performance we'll refund your money for it. We never want customers to be unhappy and always strive to be at our best.

Your Team

Who gets assigned to my Project?

At Launchpeer we only accept the top 5% of applicants, and lean towards well rounded members with extensive backgrounds working with or building their own startups. Depending on what part of our Process you're in you'll work directly with our developers, designers, and growth hackers.

Are team members full time or contractors?

All of your assigned team members are Launchpeer employees based out of Charleston, South Carolina with a few other employees sprinkled around the United States.

Do I get to talk directly with my assigned team members?

Definitely! We actually encourage this. You'll be communicating directly with them through Slack, and bi-weekly on review and status update calls.

Case Studies

What startups have you worked with?

We've worked with hundreds so it's hard to list them all. The Gotcha Group, Crowdreach, HOBA, The Mission, and Four Athletics are a few recent startups but we've also worked with some huge companies like Verizon.

Maintenance & After Launch

Will you price gouge if I need additional work?

Nope! Your hourly rate is locked in. In fact, additional ongoing maintenance or mini-projects can usually be done at a lower cost because we already worked on the source material.

Do you have a warranty period for what you build?

Yep. We have a 30 day warranty on all the work we do for you which covers any bugs you find in the app. What's a bug you ask? A bug is any functionality in your product that doesn't work as specified in your requirements during the Whiteboard Phase. Bugs don't include additional or revised functionality.


How can I be sure my idea is safe with you?

First, if you have an NDA we'll sign it before you provide any detailed information. Second, we only share your idea and project details with the team members assigned to your project. Third, unlike other agencies or freelancer matchmaking services, our team members are salaried employees meaning they legally fall under our company NDA and other protections for you.


Ready to get started?