Development Program

We'll build the first version of your web or mobile app & support your launch

Invite Only
Work with our experienced development team to build an app your users will love

What you get with our Development Program

  • Create technical specifications for your app
  • Build a brand that wows your ideal users
  • Craft an app design that shows it's value
  • Get an interactive prototype to impress investors & kickstart app development

8-12 weeks

With daily communication thru Slack and bi-weekly review & planning calls


Work hand in hand with our project management & development team as they build your app


An app that you can launch quickly to get your first users and revenue

Minimum Viable Products won't cut it long term...

Back in 2010 it was okay to build an app that was just 'viable'; it's what Uber, Facebook, and others did to get off the ground. Today? Users (i.e. you and us) are spoiled. We expect apps we download or sign up for to be great from the minute we use them.

We build Minimum LOVABLE Products instead...

That's why our team focuses on building lean, LOVABLE apps for our customers. We focus on our apps being 'small but mighty'. 'Small' because you don't need a million features to launch, just the essential ones. 'Mighty' because the features we do build work amazingly well, are scalable, and wow users.
Build fast, launch faster

The right tech for tech startups

We use the MERN tech stack that allows for maximum scalability and used by the likes of AirBNB, Facebook, and Instagram.
and many more!
The crew you need

A great app is more than just writing code

Writing code is important, but so is testing, database architecture, project management, agile & lean processes, and more. By working with our team you get all these skills working alongside you.
Not sure?

So... is the Development Program the right fit for your startup?

You are...

  • Already have a full set of app designs and specifications (see our Prototype Program if you don't)
  • Sure you need to build a Minimum Lovable App, not just a Minimum Viable one
  • Want to work with a team of developers who act as your cofounders, not just some outsourced team

You're not...

  • Trying to get 'development on the cheap' by working with the lowest cost company you can find
  • Building an app that has no clear revenue or business model associated with it
  • Interested in having a one-sided relationship where you tell our team what to do and we just do it, instead of a collaborative environment

See how Launchpeer compares to dev agencies and freelancers

Direct Communications
Talk directly to our developers in Slack instead of playing telephone with an account manager or freelancer
Fixed Pricing
Our program is a fixed price based on your project, which means you can budget for it, instead of being worried about scopes or hours blowing up.
Bi-Weekly Sprints & Payments
Our team shows you real progress every 2 weeks and bills you every 2 weeks in equal amounts, which means you'll only pay for what you can see.
Full Code Ownership
We sign strict agreements which outline that you own every line of code we write from day 1.
Free Post-Development Support
We have a free 30 day warranty on everything we build to ensure you don't run into issues once your first users sign up.
The results

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