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What Programming Languages You Should Learn As a Founder?

Here are some of the most notable programs that you as a non-technical app founder should learn.

Choosing a Website Template For Your Startup

For most of us, knowing where and how to start is the biggest challenge when creating a website. Here are some insights on how to overcome the hurdle.

How To Follow Up With Prospects Without Being Annoying

Sales follow-up can be a daunting task for a business owner. Here are some of the hard truths behind getting your prospects' attention and why you are your own worst enemy.

How To Maintain Momentum While Fundraising

Fundraising is an unavoidable part of your startup's journey. Here are some tips to ensure it does not slow you down!

Cold Outreach to Level Up Your Startup

Cold outreach isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok. These workarounds can allow your business to grow, without subjecting yourself to direct confrontation and stress.

5 Tips to Protect Your Time While Fundraising for Your Startup

While fundraising is a necessary part of running a startup, it can really suck. For many founders, it takes a ton of attention and energy away from doing what they actually want: running their startup.

5 Ways to Handle Investor Objections

Investor objections are a common hurdle to overcome for startups. Here are five ways to handle them!

7 Startup Sales Tips (For People Who Hate Selling)

A founder’s primary job is to do sales. Whether it is selling employment to potential hires, selling people on your company’s culture, selling investors on your vision, or selling customers on your product. Sales are a must, but what are you supposed to do if you absolutely hate selling?