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Launchpeer isn't just a name. It's a promise.


Our Manifesto

We believe we're at the beginning of a new economy.

An economy where people can and choose to work with companies that specialize in their needs. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are experts in working with startups. We believe to our core that solving problems for entrepreneurs is what we were born to do. Whether it's helping our customers validate their idea, raise money, design a beautiful product, launch a mobile app or have a massive exit, we know that specializing in these areas is important to the growth of our business.

We also know that with a me-economy comes a need to be great at what you do while providing incredible customer service. Too many development agencies focus on the bottom line, charging incredibly high rates, grabbing overly aggressive amounts of equity from early stage founders, and having opaque project management practices that hurt entrepreneurs.  Launchpeer seeks to be different.

We've thrown out all assumptions about how a business and an agency is supposed to be run and started from scratch with one thing in mind; our customers. Startups and entrepreneurs have unique needs, and it takes a unique business to satisfy those needs. With upfront pricing, curated and defined services, and incredibly transparent project management our clients have exactly what they need to build an incredible company.

That's what we're doing. We're not just building websites, designing logos and creating mobile apps; we're building businesses. Your business.


We have you covered from the West to the East Coast

Satellite Office - Silicon Valley, CA


Home Base - Charleston, SC



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